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We give private investors exclusive access to unique EIS-qualifying investment opportunities

EIS services

Oberon’s EIS Services are managed by Oberon Private Ventures, who offer Private Investors, Family Offices and Institutions the opportunity to invest in exciting early-stage businesses, with the benefit of tax reliefs available through the Enterprise Investment Scheme. We partner with a limited number of companies per year, offering full lifecycle support and scaling through to an exit.

The exit process is facilitated by Oberon’s in-house corporate broking and IPO team, Oberon Capital, which allows us to work with companies at different stages of their development, advising on and overseeing each round of fundraising throughout development.

Deal-by-deal investments

We offer Private Investors, Family Offices and Institutions access to private fundraises, offered on a deal-by-deal basis.

EIS fund

We also run an EIS Fund, with each investor in the Fund having at least five entrepreneurial, EIS/SEIS Qualifying Companies in their portfolio, across a range of sectors.

What is the EIS?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed to help smaller trading companies raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares in those companies. Since the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) was launched in 1994, 31,365 companies have received investment and over £22 billion of funds have been raised. There is continued governmental support of EIS as a strategy for growth for small companies.

Tax efficient EIS benefits

Investment into EIS-Qualifying companies, either through our deal-by-deal offering or through our EIS Fund is seen as a valuable addition to funding a future pension. The Oberon EIS Fund has a focus on capital appreciation, tax mitigation and risk management, with each Investor in the Fund having access to at least five entrepreneurial, EIS Qualifying Companies in their portfolio.

The Oberon EIS Fund takes advantage of the generous tax incentives currently offered by the Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs for investment in smaller UK companies. These tax benefits have the ability to enhance the return on your investment.

Income Tax Relief

As long as you have sufficient income tax liability, you can claim back 30% of the amount invested in the EIS qualifying companies against income tax in the year of investment, or in the previous tax year

Tax-free Capital Gains

Any profits from your investments within the Fund are exempt from Capital Gains Tax as long as you have owned them for three years.

Full Capital Gains Tax Deferral

You can defer taxable capital gains from the sale of other investments by investing the amount of the value of the gain into EIS-qualifying companies. This is applicable to gains from up to three years before, or one year after, the date of the EIS investment.

Loss Relief

Loss relief can be taken as a deduction against income or as a capital loss and can give total tax relief of up to 61.5% for the tax year the loss occurred, or the preceding year.

Full Inheritance Tax Relief

There is full inheritance tax relief provided the investments have been held for two years and are held at time of death.

Looking for investment opportunities?

Looking for investment opportunities?

Investments are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, we recommend you seek professional advice before deciding to invest. Capital at risk, please refer to Oberon’s EIS Fund Investment Memorandum for each specific opportunity and the respective risk warnings.